Cleaning after relieving oneself

The meaning of the prohibition of facing the Qiblah at defecation and urination
The Prophet (peace be upon him) prohibited to face or turn back to the Qiblah at defecation and urination. It is known according to the agreement of Muslims that the prohibited is not to face the Ka`bah directly in a straight line but the prohibited is much general. The Prophet commanded Muslims to face the Qiblah in some cases as he prohibited to face it in other times, however the prohibition may include something more than the command but this matches the Prophet’s saying: “Any direction that is between east and west can be taken as a Qiblah.”

The permissibility of purification by stones:
Muslims agreed on the permissibility of purification by stones.

Stones are a permissible cleaning tool

Types of devilish insinuations in cleaning oneself after going to toilet:
A person was asked about cleaning oneself after going to toilet: Should a person stand, walk, hawk, and use stones in cleansing after walking because he believes that something got out of him: Did the Pious Predecessors (may Allah be pleased with them) do that: Is it a heresy or permissible?

He answered: All praise be to Allah. Harrumphing, walking, jumping, climbing a ladder, grabbing a rope, and searching the penis for leftover urine after urination are all heresies and not necessary or desirable for Muslims.

Constant urine does not need to be cleaned according to scholars, not by stones, fingers, and so on.