Do not change your life

If you have the following qualities, do not change your life and be firm on them until your death, these qualities are:

1- If you are powerful and happy with your faith, secure and feel comfortable with the attentiveness of your heart. If you are satisfied with the sustenance of Allah (may He be Glorified and Exalted) to you, glad with your good deeds, and concerned with your mistakes and sins.

2- If your heart is filled with the desire to meet Allah (Glory be to Him) and see the great reward which He prepared for His Righteous Servants. If you move with a will like mountains to do good to people, help the needy, and instill hope in themselves.

3- If you are successful in your work, diligent in doing your duties and responsibilities. If you pursue the proper means, insist on going on to achieve your success, and fill your time with useful matters.

4- If you are optimistic and look for the pleasures of the Hereafter and its bliss. If you have a high determination to work for the Hereafter and not for the world.

5- If you are a good reader, cultivated, aware, a leader, a merciful social person, courageous and generous, feel proud of your character and do not know failure, hesitation, or wasting chances.

6- If you are more aware of the results of your behavior and conditions, love to change yourself, love to change your negative conditions that surround you, and you depend on successful people to achieve your goals.

If Allah granted you a tongue which always mentions His Name, a thankful heart, a body which endures afflictions, and granted you a good company to help you obey Him and guide you through sincere advice and good preaching.

If you achieve integrity in your thinking, balance in your look at things, and moderation in all your matters.

Then, know that you are right and stick to them.