From the mission to the migration

1- When the Prophet (saw) reached 40 years old, Gabriel (as) came to him with the revelation from his Lord when he was worshipping his lord in Hira’ Cave.

2- The Prophet (saw) continued calling his lord secretly for three years.

3- The formers embraced Islam such as: Khadijah, Ali, Zayd, Abu Bakr, and others (raa).

4- The Prophet (saw) was commanded to declare his mission to the people, but his people opposed him.

5- The pagans of Quraysh tortured every person embraced Islam to stop them from embracing Islam, but Muslims observed patience.

6- The Prophet (saw) held secret meetings with Muslims in the house of Al Arqam to teach them their religion.

7- In year 5th after the mission, a group of the Companions migrated to Abyssinia according to the permission of the Prophet (saw) to preserve their religion, including `Uthman ibn Affan, Az-Zubayr ibn Al `Awwa, `Abdur-Rahaman ibn `Awf, and Ja`far ibn Abu Talib (raa) where they spend 10 year.

8- In year (6 AH) of the mission, Hamazh ibn `Abdur-Rahman and `Umar ibn Al Khattab (raa) embraced Islam and added power to Muslims.

9- In year (7 AH) of the mission, Quraysh pledged to oppose the siege of Banu Hashim until they turn in the Prophet (saw) and wrote a sheet which they hung on the Ka`bah.

10- In this year, Banu Hashim ibn `Abd Manaf and Banu `Abdul-Muttalib were secluded with Abu Talib and stayed there for three years until Al Mut`im ibn `Ady ibn Nawfal ibn `Abd Manaf and Zam`ah ibn Al Aswad ibn `Abdul-Muttalib ibn Asad exerted effort to nullify the sheet, then Banu Hashim and Banu Al Muttalib from the valley in the end of the ninth year.

11- In year (10) of the mission, Abu Talib died then three days later Khadijah (raa) died which made the Prophet (saw) to sadden severely and Quraysh got what they did not dream of after the death of Abu Talib.

12- In Shawwal of this year, the Prophet (saw) intended to marry `A’ishah (raa) while she was six years old and concluded marriage with her when she was nine years old.

13- In shawwal of this year, the Prophet (saw) married Sawdah bint Zam`ah (raa).

14- In this year, the Prophet (saw) went out to At-Ta’if to call them to Islam, but they refused and harmed him. Thereafter, he returned sad but Allah comforted his heart with two things: He sent to him the angel of mountains and made a group of jinn embrace Islam at his hand then entered Makkah under the protection of Al Mut’im ibn `Ady.

15- In the year (11) of the mission, the Prophet (saw) presented himself to tribes during the season of Hajj as usual then six people from the leaders of the Supporters believed in him and returned to Medina to spread Islam.

16- In the year (12) of the mission, the Prophet (saw) was taken from Al Masjid Al Haram (the Sacred Masjid in Makkah) to Al Aqsa Mosque then he ascended to Sidratul-Muntaha where Allah ordained on him and on his nation the five daily obligatory Salah.

17- In the season of Hajj in that year (12), twelve men from the Supporters, who met the Prophet (peace be upon him) last year, gave homage to the Prophet (saw) at Al `Aqabah then it was called the first `Aqabah, then sent with them Mus`ab ibn `Umayr to teach them the Qur’an and many people from the Medina embraced Islam.

18- In the year (13) of the mission during the season of Hajj, seventy men of the Supporters gave homage to him at Al `Aqabah provided that if he migrates to them, they have to protect him as they protect themselves, their women, and their children. They deputed 12 men from among themselves and the Prophet (saw) said to them: You shall be guarantees over your people, therefore it was called the second homage of Al `Aqabah.

19- The Prophet (saw) commanded his Companions to migrate to Medina and the Prophet (saw) waited for the permission and kept with him Abu Bakr and Ali (raa).

20- Quraysh held a meeting in Dar An-Nadwah to consult in between about the Prophet (saw) then they made up their minds to kill him. Thereupon, Gabriel (as) came down with the revelation from Allah telling him about that and granted him permission to migrate.