Life variables

There are many variables take place in our lives without feeling them perhaps a coincidence or arranged, it is the same. We wish that these changes for the better and not the other way around! We -human beings- do not take lessons from our past experience, but the problem remains the same even by repeating experiments in our daily lives. The reason traces back to our past and the beginning of creation, and the outcome of life. There is childish stillness which does not know but love then love changes with the passage of time to daily conducts which some people may get used to it leaving the heart beats with love to all people, all these results are due to the good values which the parents instill within their children.

Conversely, God forbid, if the matter is reversed and the children have become in the stage of youth who harm themselves and their society, the only factor which shall build a society with good social values is the parents. On the other hand, they are the only ones who bear the consequences of their children’s errors over years, but this is life which continues to go on regardless its sweetness and bitterness, and love remains in beautiful souls that know the meaning of permanent giving for all humans.