What is the ruling on mentioning the name of Allah before wudhu in the bathroom?


Shaikh al-Albaani:

“You mean for example in a small room, two by two meters, with a toilet on one corner and a washbasin on the other side in which you make wudhu?”

Questioner: “Yes.”

Shaikh al-Albaani:

There is no problem with that at all, because the problem is only with mentioning Allah (‘azza wa jal) during the time he is sitting to relieve himself. This is the forbidden thing. But if he has finished and cleaned himself, and goes to the washstand and must mention the name of Allah at that time, then there is nothing (wrong) in that, because this place is not the toilet, (rather) it is the bathroom. The toilet is in the corner; so if one sits there to relieve himself, then during this sitting it is forbidden for him to mention Allah (‘azza wa jal). Otherwise, just before that – before raising his garment – he must mention the name of Allah, he must seek refuge in Allah. So if he sits to relieve himself, it is forbidden for him to mention Allah (‘azza wa jal). When he finishes, what does he say? ‘Ghufraanaka.’ When he has said that and steps toward the other side of the bathroom, then he can mention Allah and say whatever adhkaar he wants.”

source: silsilat ul-hudaa wa nnoor, 224/4