Mobile phones .. positives and negatives

Mobiles and smart phones, what are the pros and cons?

Mobiles have extensively entered our societies to the extent that they have become an indispensable habit, and a basic need in our life that we cannot do without.

So, you see them in the hands of businessmen who use them for economic business and to follow-up their projects daily or periodically. Moreover, you see them in the hands of adolescents who are showing off with the features of mobiles, the pornographic clips and images on which they store, as well and songs. Between this practical economic view of businessmen, religious people, politicians, and scientists and the low view of adolescents we find it essential to put this topic into discussion.

Therefore, I would like that every reader evaluate this experience, which entered our eastern societies, from his own abstract and sincere view through the following questions and headlines:

1- What are your motives for having a mobile?

A- Economic reasons:
Follow-up employees and their actions, follow up the execution of projects, conclude commercial agreements, communicate with others for varied economic purposes, and remember dates and meetings.

B- Scientific and educational reasons:

Follow-up the latest technologies, subscription in satellite channels and electronic, scientific, and educational sites, using calculators, bluetooth, and SMS to exchange information with your colleagues.

C- Recreational reasons:

Communicating with one’s family and friends, booking at hotels and tourism sector, storing and saving family clips, and other interesting and funny clips.

2- Why do you use mobiles?

A- To get the latest information in all fields.
B- For communication with one’s family and friends, and getting to know new friends.
C- To get some fun in spare times.
D- To remember dates, meetings, work times …etc.

3- Problems that faced you while having a mobile?

A- Social problems:

● Spreading of lies among the common.
● Spreading of pornography, bad habits, and flirting among adolescents.
● Failure love experiments and fake marriage.
● Boasting, luxury, and splendor.

B- Economic problems:

● Expensive monthly bills.
● Spreading bluffing and cheat in projects and economic companies.

4- The time in which you use the mobile?

A- In work times.
B- Only at need.
C- In ceremonies and different occasions.
D- At all times and intensively.

5- Are you content that your son and daughter have a mobile?

6- Are you from the supporters of spreading it among the common and all classes?

Frankly, mobiles have become very important for those who use them well, but a bad habit for those who misuse them because mobiles are a double edge weapon; therefore we should pay attention to this topic through the following:

1- Spreading educational awareness among society classes, especially the youth.
2- Drawing the attention to economic impacts that are destructive, first, to the family budget and second to the society.
3- Throwing some responsibilities on mobile companies and reckoning them at negligence.