Should I marry and leave my children to my mother?


As-Salamu `Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you!)
I’m 26, I got divorced three years ago, and I have two children who live with me. A young man proposed to me but he lives and works abroad in an Arab country and he wants to marry me and take me with him. He allows me to keep my children, but the father of my children does not accept that. In this case, I shall keep the children with my mother and get back to them every 6 months to stay with them two months then travel again. What is your opinion: Should I marry or stay with my children? What is the best for me and for my children? Will my marriage have bad consequences on my children?


We welcome the honorable sister and thank you for rearing your children and caring for their interests, especially after my divorce.

As for your marriage, it will not oppress your children, but marriage is the origin to which the Shari`ah exhorted, for the benefit of many interests for men and women equally.

As for the approval of your fiancé, it denotes his nobility and generosity and perhaps he is the most suitable for you in this age where they need their mother more than their father. So, try to convince their father for convincing him, and perhaps your parents and brothers may interfere to convince him. However, if he refuses, try to know the reason perhaps he wants to take you back in marriage if it is the first or the second time of divorce, and going back to each other is useful if the conditions are good and suitable.

You should resort to Allah in all conditions, worship Him frequently, ask Him for help, and ask Him to grant you goodness wherever it is.

We ask Allah to bless your children and grant you a righteous husband.