Sound therapy studies

The Power of Qur’an Healing – Cure for all Diseases

Alfred Tomatis, a French doctor, made experiments for fifty years about the human senses and came out with the result that the hearing sense is the most important sense!! He found that the ear controls the whole body, regulates its vital operations and the balance and coordination of its movements; he also found that the ear controls the nervous system!

During his experiments, he found that the hearing nerves connect with all body muscles and this is the reason why the balance and flexibility of the body and the sight sense get affected by sounds. The inner ear is connected with all the body parts such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, and the intestines; this explains why sound frequencies affect the whole body.

In 1960, the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny found that the sound affects the various materials and reform their particulars, and that each cell of the body has its own sound and gets affected by the sounds and rearranges the material inside it [2]. In 1974, the researchers Fabien Maman and Sternheimer made an astonishing discovery; they found that each part of the body has its own vibration system, subject to physics laws. A few years later, Fabien and Grimal, another researcher, discovered that sound affects cells especially cancer cells, and that certain sounds had stronger effect; the strange thing the two researchers found was that the sound that had the strongest effect on body cells is the sound of the human himself!!

The sound moves from the ear to the brain and affects the brain cells; scientists recently found that the sound has a strange healing power and an amazing effect of the brain cells which work on restoring the balance to the whole body! Reciting Qur’an has an astonishing effect on these cells and is capable of restoring their balance; the brain is the organ that controls the body and from it the orders comes to the rest of the body organs especially the immune system.

Fabian, a scientist and musician, put blood cells from a healthy body and exposed them to various sounds; he found that each note of the musical scale affects the electromagnetic field of the cell; when photographing this cell with Kirlian camera, he found out that the shape and value of the electromagnetic field of the cell change according to the sound frequencies and the sound type of the reader. Then he made another experiment taking a blood drop from one of the patients, and then he monitored the drop with Kirlian camera and asked the patient to make various notes. He found, after processing the pictures, that on a specific note the blood drop changes its electromagnetic field and fully vibrates responding to its owner. He thus concluded that there are specific notes that affect the body cells and make them more vital and active, even regenerates them. He came out with an important result: The human sound has a powerful and unique influence over body cells; this influence is not found in any other instrument.

This researcher said literally:

“The human sound has a special spiritual ring making it the most powerful healing device[3]. Fabien found that some sounds easily explode the cancerous cell, and at the same time activate the healthy cell. The sound affects human blood cells which transfer the frequencies of this sound to the whole body through the blood circulation”.
A cancerous cell exploded by using sound frequencies only! That’s why reciting the Qur’an has a great impact on treating the most danger cancers and incurable diseases!

But is this influence limited only to cells? It became clear that sound affects everything around us. This is what Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, proved in his experiments on water; he found that the electromagnetic field of water molecules is highly affected by the sound, and that there are specific tones that affect these molecules and make them more regular. If we remember that the human body is 70% water, then the sound the human hears affects the regularity of water molecules in the cells and the way these molecules vibrate, thus affects his healing.

Different researchers confirm that the human sound could heal many diseases including cancer[5]. Sound therapists also confirm that there are certain sounds that are more effective and have a healing power especially in increasing the immune system efficiency.

Water molecules shape changes when exposed to sound; thus, sound greatly affects the water we drink. If you recite the Qur’an on water, its characteristics would change and it would carry the Qur’an effect to every cell in the body causing them to heal! In the picture, we see a frozen water molecule; the electromagnetic field around this molecule changes continuously because of the sound effect.

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