You might wonder about someone who has the courage to drink a deadly poison and while he is about to die, he glimpsed with his atrophied eyes his secure and healthy neighbor who eats healthy food and drinks healing beverages so he persuades him to try the deadly poison. You might wonder even more when the healthy neighbor  not only accepts the poison but pass it around to healthy people.

I have no doubt that the readers are smart enough to understand the meaning, otherwise, I wouldn’t make it an introduction to my article.

It is the killing arrow which the West try, day and night, to convince us with; it is the issue of “Women liberation“. That arrow breaks through the hearts of the believing women. The Western press posited the issue again after “Qasim Amin” who, surly, was not the writer of “women liberation” Book but only edited a part of it and many people helped him in that.[1]

These journals confirmed their massive care to grant Muslim women, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their freedom to learn and say their opinions freely. They stressed the importance of getting rid of the social chains which confine them and give them their complete rights exactly as their Western counterpart.

I thought deeply in that call and wanted to be fair when dealing with both Arab women and the Western women to distinguish between them. I found out that Western women have exceeded Arab women indeed but only superficially. I did not find any other factor but this one. Moreover, I found out that we give much care for Arab women than they really do to make them perfect but they try to disgrace them.

If you can not believe this, here is my evidence form the history and modern times:

A European country that is the head of Franconia did not recognize the right of ownership and disposal for women except in the twentieth century. Even though, they were not given that right easily but after fighting for it and also due to their economic need.[2]

One day a queen said when her husband slapped her on the face: “Master, if this pleases you, you can repeat it.”

UNSCO, the most important cultural reference in the world, admits that fact, there is no doubt, the status women is lower than the status of man everywhere, otherwise, women wouldn’t have been a target for developmental projects. The International Conference for women that was held in Mexico city in 1975 admitted that the declared target of the Conference is: To prove that women are the corporeal co-partner to men in the developmental process.

Dear reader:

Let’s think about the corporeal partnership and its consequences such as the investment of women’s capabilities, whatever these capabilities are, even if this investment is against their social status and dignity. That declared target contains a hidden admittance to women low-status on the international level and margining to their role not here in the Kingdom or the Arab region only but in the entire world.[3]

Let’s have a look at a report published by the American department of justice at the end of June 1994 on the rates of rape in Washington DC as well as another eleven states within one year (1992) which reached 10.000 cases. Only 4 % of these cases were done by anonymous persons while the rest were done by un-marriageable people (incest), relatives and friends.

In a joint report that was prepared by: “The Center for research and treatment of rape victims” and “U.S. National Center for Victims,” which shows that the total number of American women who were exposed to rape, at least, once reached 12.1 million.”[4]

The US “Christian Science Monitor,” noted in a published report in December 1996, that the phenomenon of mothers’ going to work constitutes a serious threat to the lives of the American families. Other studies indicate that three of four American families live in dysfunctional families, either because of divorce or working conditions that separate parents.[5]

I shall not elaborate in reviewing the results of the official and non-official reports coming from the West but I only wanted to illustrate the danger which the Western women live in. I would like also to indicate that death is all around them and they are not safe. Moreover, the conferences that have been held to save women – as they claim – since the 1975 conference of Mexico to the second Conference on Human Settlements in Turkey in 1996, aim to fragment the knitted communities, especially the Islamic communities and reducing population growth rates there because the population growth rates in the West are reducing rapidly. So, it is important to disseminate anything that destroys the Muslim families or control birth therein, otherwise, it would be a serious threat to the dominance of Western societies.

We should mention here –out of mere justice- that the call which Daly Adliary, the chairwoman of the Little Mothers’ Society, launched in the International Conference for Population that was held in Cairo (Sep. 1994) stressed that: The West have destroyed the American society and now they came with their ideas to the Islamic communities to destroy them, destroy the Muslim women and their role therein. As for “Bill Sharoin”, he called the advocates of birth control “the destroyers of families” and said that their goal is to control birth by all means.[6] We say: Thank you for saying the truth. We wish those who imitate the West admit the truth as they did.

We are dearly sorry, Westerners, our women are dearer to us than you think. It is hard for us to believe that countries, organizations and thinkers who admit the principle of concubinage. They took out the concept of motherhood from the minds of the Western girls and were pleased to sacrifice family solidarity. They turned women to dumb machines who take up inappropriate positions from prime minister to the lower one for the sake of economic stability in the society. So, they made them victims of a great illusion that leads to psychiatric sickness and gradual hatred beginning with hating the teenager who tried to rape her to the father who did not allow her to live with him in the same house after the age of 18 and ending with a boyfriend who seeks after her body and finally to a husband who forces them to work to participate in the house expenses. They want them to give birth to a child, bring it up and look after the home affairs then they leave them for mistresses. This is the miserable life that the Western women live and recently the Western media try to adorn that image to attract the Arab women, but we say to them: Why do not we have a look at the status of women in our countries?

? Muslim women have full right to do the job that suits their abilities and efficiency and preserve their dignity if they want to. In spite of the fact that they are released from the burdens of earning their livelihood, keeping the balance between their motherhood and their families to preserve the entity of the entire society.

? Muslim women are the only women in the history of civilization who cared for the public affairs as well as, if not more, for the special affairs.

? Muslim women are the nation dignity who participate in Jihad, preferring the principle of Jihad to the loving of their husbands and children. They also participate in jihad with their money, nursing, providing supplies and fighting if needed.

? Muslim women were giving the right of homage which is a prestigious intellectual and political right to the head of the state since the first era of Islam.

? Muslim women were given the right of emigration, even if they are married, when they have full conviction of the principles of Islam. So, they migrate to Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). It is a hard struggle and freedom for those who understand the meaning of Jihad and freedom.

? Muslim women gave birth to scientists and writers and have studied medicine. O West, do not be astonished, here is `Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) an example to what we were saying.

? Muslim women disagreed, by their own Ijtihad (legal opinion extended from the Qur’an and the Sunnah), with the rightly guided Caliph `Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) in the issue of reduction of dowries and consequently, `Umar adopted their view. We appreciate the people of opinion and Ijtihad; a woman may be right while the most learned men may be mistaken.

? Muslim women have stood before the Prophet (peace be upon him) asking him regarding their religion and seeking permission to take part in Jihad. The Prophet (peace be upon him) told them that having good relation with their husbands and obeying them in good actions equals Jihad; to preserve the entire family foundations.

? Muslim women have been given the right of (political asylum) to protect whomever they want during war or peace time. That right was never given to any woman in the law of Hammurabi, the principles of Buddha or the liberation pattern of the West. Um Hani’, the daughter of Abu Talib was the first woman to do that and the Prophet (peace be upon him) has approved her action: “We have given protection to whom you given protection, Um Hani’.” Nobody has dared ever to violate the protection of women to a non-Muslim or even cancel it.

? Muslim women are equal to men regarding their religious rights whether in receiving obligations or reward.

? Muslim women had the right to submit a sue to get their rights or to remove harm.

? Muslim women have given extra rights such as taking the dowry and relieving them from supporting themselves and their children, although they had a prescribed share of inheritance for their own.

? Muslim women have full control over their properties. They have the right to donate, give charity, assign part of their property for charity, engage in trade, bail and they have all legitimate possession, ownership and disposal.

We have delayed something that should be mentioned first which is women model example in bringing up and preparing men. A one hundred years old woman gave advice to her son who opposed the oppression of the ruler saying: “O my son, to be stricken with a sword in glory is more beloved to me than a whip lash in humility.” When the oppressor crucified her son and she became blind out of sorrow, she went to the oppressor, not to appeal for burying her son but to teach him some words that the greatest men can not say.  Asma’, the daughter of Abu Bakr and the mother of `Abdullah ibn Al-Zubayr said to Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafy: I heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) saying: “Two persons will come out from the tribe of Thaqi; a liar and a destroyer, as for the liar, he was Musaylamah and you are the destroyer.”[7]

Dear reader:

I do not claim full chastity for our women or claiming that they took their rights in full, but I state these facts for you to judge by your own. Because I am not fully aware of the status of Arab women, I will mention only some examples from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

? The number of commercial records with the names of Saudi women on is estimated with 70.000 records.[8]

? The number of female members in the commercial chambers in Riyadh and Jeddah are over 13.000 women.

? The total number of working women in the Kingdom is 34.6%.

? The number of working women in the Kingdom is nearly 3.000.000 which represents half of the Saudi women. The number of working women in the educational professions is about 228.000.[9]

? The number of female graduate from the scientific institutions and universities is about 170.000.

? The number of female students in all education grades is 1.832.969 which represents a percentage exceeds the half number of students in general in the Kingdom.[10]

Dear reader:

We do not claim to be perfect but we own a history and a present time to make us more sufficient than to seek anything from the West. Praise be to Allah that the Kingdom is always seeking perfection in honoring women and hard working to give them their proper roles in a society that respects and preserves their religion and dignity. Women in our country do not need the calls of the one-way Western media that is affected by the dictations of the “Strategic Effect Office” which carry the torch of freedom and calls to it, or are we facing a mass media that carries one-way opinion to impose it on our societies?!.

[1] The book of “Women Liberation” came as an output of a common work between Muhammad `Abdo and Qasim Amin as was verified by Dr. Muhammad `Imarah in his book “The complete literature of Muhammad `Abdo”

[2] A term that means the countries which originally speak French or the countries which adopted French as their first cultural language.

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