The mother’s kindness

My honorable sister and kind mother! How hard are the pains you have endured during pregnancy, at the moment of giving birth to your baby and throughout your life span, which you have sacrificed for your baby’s upbringing. May Allah accept all your deeds and may He them wholly devoted to His Service!

My sister, this is your daughter growing up gradually before your eyes and I know well that you wish her all that is good, as it is said: there is no one loves others more than himself except his children. Therefore, Satan beguiles the mother into believing that her love for her daughter means to let her do whatever she wants or expose her beauty as she so chooses. Loving your daughter, dear sister, means to lead her to the way of Allah, and to guide her to the path of Paradise. Your role is the most important because you are the nearest to her So,

  1. Be an example, in performing prayers at the due time, in the way you converse with your husband, in caring about the cleanliness of your house, in keeping yourself away from the vices of backbiting and slander, in constantly reading the Ever-Glorious Qur’an, in wearing the Hijab, in avoiding mingling with men and in complying with the rest of the rulings of Islam,
  2. Be cautious of the behavior of your relatives and neighbors, and choose carefully your friends and your daughter’s friends because a person follows the example of his companion as the Prophet (Peace be upon him) pointed out in a hadith.
  3. In your speech with your daughter, remind her of Allah, of the necessity of submitting to Him, of the greatness of Islam and of the traits of our divine Shari’ah. You should help her recognize the endless goodness, which the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) came with.