The story of good and evil

“And (have We not) shown him (man) the two highways?
But he has made no haste on the path that is steep”

[Surah al-Balad: 10-11]

The confrontation between the forces of this world plays itself out in a complex story, of the events that unfold through the many machinations that men create, by their various endeavours, composed of all sorts of intentions. To the public in general, things do not seem to have any particular pattern, nor does there seem to be much meaning behind most events. That for the average person, there is not much significant outside his daily coming and goings.

However, a careful examination of the interplay of these conflicting forces, reveals complicated, cleverly schemed operation, which displays the actually deeply meaningful course of reality. That life is the conception of a much more sophisticated wisdom than what we had previously envisioned. The following is a humble attempt to expose some of that reality. We are in a particular period in time, when darkness is predominating.

Some of what you are about to read may appear fantastic, but we must remember that our failure to apprehend such matters is merely the sad fact of underestimating our own selves. We underestimate the potential for good and bad in human beings, because we underestimate ourselves.

Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) created us with an intellect, but we fail to exercise it to its true potential. The capabilities of our intellect lie far beyond what we suspect.

This text is merely a brief resume of the subject, only to introduce the reader to it. Most facts are presented with the bare minimum of evidence, but the reader can further explore each matter on his own in order to further feed their accounts.

He will find its evidences at every step he takes, if he doesn’t satisfy himself merely of reports from others, but investigates matters for himself. Not forgetting to take full advantage of his intuition as a guide into subjects that need inquiry.