A’salamu Alaikum

Vision Islam does not necessary endorse nor agree with all the content displayed on Vision Islam Media. Our moderators take great care to view and scrutinise all content to make sure haram content is not posted to our platform.
On occasions, 3rd party content providers use images that are considered to be inappropriate. Vision Islam will not upload videos with thumbnails that depict inappropriate images. Whilst our teams are diligent, sometimes posted content may contain video footage or sounds that may be offensive. We assure you that this is unintentional.
Email us on the button below if you find a video, book, article or Q&A that transgress Islamic principles, and provide a link to that post.


Below is a list of forbidden items that will be excluded in any image, video or content that Vision Islam Media provides.

Men and women’s awrah
Makeup / Nail polish / Lipstick
People dancing / singing
People mixing
Boyfriend / girlfriends
Depiction of zinah
Promotion of music
Conspiracy theories
Performance of magic
Vulgarity & bad manners
Partial or full nudity
Satanic acts & practices
Sex (illicit or implied)
Violent acts
Displaying acts of shirk
Racism or sexism