Many responsibilities, travels and liabilities took me away from reading books, therefore, there was no good connection between me and books.

I do not sit to read very often to satisfy my knowledge or scientific passion.

Finally, I found myself with a book which I had the time to read. I said to it: long time no see. Did you miss me? Should a person leave his family and beloved ones that long time? Then I had that feeling which always possessed me to enjoy reading books and extracting knowledge.

I asked myself again:

Do many people have that passion toward reading?

Do families in our communities have that concept about reading or they left their intellectual powers to the developed machines?

You see TVs possess most of their times, competition in digital games became the end-point of their children and everybody forgot about that literature which had given birth to many nations before.

I find myself in need to proclaim in behalf of cultural that is almost forgotten in our community. I repeat it to the ears of the educators, asking them to show mercy to young generations against the dominance of machines and their low-cultural contribution and their wasting of energies. People have to go back to reading and to books, which are the sources of culture, in order to be the basic source of knowledge. It is the parallel element of the education process after the features of culture had changed and acquired various features which are far away from building the intellect of mankind and increasing culture.

One may say: Is not it enough to enjoy that knowledge which a person gets from the web to increase knowledge?

To that man I say: A book has a special taste that cannot be mixed with other machines; no matter how developed they are. On the other hand, machines have wide scope of knowledge that a book cannot contain. Unfortunately, machines turned everything to an open source without a guide and a book, in return, became just a decoration in our houses for people to boast of its excellent cover.

Dear reader:

I cannot hide from you that digital culture did not achieve any progress in cultivating the nation, where books produced cultivated nations and brilliant celebrities in culture and knowledge in general.